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Zearalenone Applied Per OS Provide Adverse Effect in Structure of Parts of Bitch Reproductive System

Updated: May 8, 2020

DATE: 2004



Gajęcka, Magdalena & Jakimiuk, Ewa & Polak, Magdalena & Otrocka-Domagala, Iwona & Janowski, T & Zwierzchowski, W & Obremski, Kazimierz & Zielonka, Łukasz & Apoznański, J & Gajęcki, Maciej. (2004). Zearalenone applied per os provides adverse effects in structure of chosen parts of bitch reproductive system. Polish journal of veterinary sciences. 7. 59-66.



Both earlier investigations and complete formulas of pet food for dogs show that professionally prepared pet food is based in 30% on the material of the plant origin. Our own investigations prove that animal feeding stuffs of the plant origin are very often vectors of many undesirable substances (including micotoxins) that are unfavourable for carnivores. Zearalenone is a micotoxin, which frequently occurs among them. It was revealed in pet food in quantities from 5.0-299.5 microg/kg. It is a very dangerous xenobiotic because of its quick and easy absorption in the organism after per os application in monogastric animals. It is also a sterid and despite its plant origin it binds estrogen receptors in the reproductive tract and causes its hypo- and dysfunction. It is clearly visible in young, growing organisms and those during the menopause. In bitches, dysfunctions of the reproduction system, such as: endometritis-pyometra syndrome, prolonged oestrus, ovarian cysts and others are often found. It is supposed that specific for this species hormonal regulation of the reproduction processes based on the long progesterone and prolactin cycles, and on high sensibility to estrogens plays an important role in the etiopathogenesis of these dysfunctions. The application of hormones in bitches in therapeutic and biotechnical (contraception) purposes are the other factors, which should be taken into account in this aspect. There are some suggestions that therapeutic management, unfortunately connected with mistakes in the medical art, is often a cause of pathological condition in a reproductive organ in bitches. However, another reason of these disorders may be that bitches take zearalenone with the commercial pet food. The long-lasting intake of the feed with a low dose of this micotoxin may be the factor, which complicates hormonal regulation of the reproduction processes and is the cause of many disorders. Our own pilotage investigations showed that application of zearalenone at a dose of 200 microg/kg b.w. for 7 days leads to apoptotic-like changes in granule cells in the bitch reproductive system, atresia of follicular cells and oedema and hyperplasia of the oviductal and uterine cells. They could also indicate a follicular phase of the oestrus cycle in bitch. However, it did not take place.


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