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Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet



BOOK AUTHOR: Steve Brown


Ancestors and canine cousins of our dogs didn't eat krunchy kibble or meat n gravy in a can. They ate what they found or caught... and it wasn't cooked or enriched either! It was high in protein, with balanced fats, and usually included a few fruits, vegetables and grasses. Steve Brown, an expert on canine nutrition, shows how you can bring the benefits of the canine ancestral diet to your dog by feeding him differently as little as just one day a week. And no, you won't need to lead a pack of dogs on a hunting expedition! Just follow Steve's well-researched and easy to follow ABCs to make improvements to whatever your dog currently eats. BONUS! Raw food or home prepared feeders will learn how to balance nutrients more precisely, especially fats, for optimum health.


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