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The Nature of Animal Healing



AUTHOR: Dr Marty Goldstein


This is a book about animal care, but the guidelines of holistic and integrative veterinary medicine are, of course, based on those originally devised to help human beings. If we’re going to give animals purified water because we realize what a silent killer ordinary tap water can be, why not drink purified water ourselves? If good foods and dietary supplements boost our pets’ health, why not start applying the same nutritional lessons to improve our own? If acupuncture and homeopathic medicines work on animals, why not incorporate them into our own lives? Perhaps you saved your pet from being put to sleep at the shelter, and took them into your life, caring for them, and showering them with love? Now you can help them further by applying this book’s principles of holistic health and diet to their life. And you will also gain some valuable advice on improving your own health too.


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