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Raw diets: are we at a turning point?

DATE: 2017

CITATION: Waters, A. (2017) Raw diets: are we at a turning point? Veterinary Record 181, 384.

LINK: https://veterinaryrecord.bmj.com/content/181/15/384.2.full


If you work in a small animal practice in a leafy suburb, chances are you’ve got a rising number of clients who are feeding their pet dogs and cats raw meat diets – or are certainly seeking advice about it.

Up until recently the subject of raw meat feeding tended to divide the profession very unevenly, with the vast majority of vets adopting a zero tolerance stance to a feeding fad that was sure to go away.

And while raw feeding still attracts strong criticism from within the profession – with some vets firmly against the practice, arguing that it is unsafe and therefore irresponsible – there are others who have come to see raw feeding as a dietary choice. One that they are willing to endorse, promote and, increasingly, sell.


This website is a labor of love brought to you by the volunteers at Paws For Change. Our goal is to put together links to published research studies, articles, books, and other media which have influenced our approach to feeding diets that include fresh and raw foods. We encourage everyone to research further to gain a fuller understanding of any controversies or debates involved. It is a growing collection and we welcome you to use the submission form below if you have studies you'd like to suggest be included here.

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