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Raw diets: are we at a turning point?

DATE: 2017


CITATION: Waters, A. (2017) Raw diets: are we at a turning point? Veterinary Record 181, 384.


If you work in a small animal practice in a leafy suburb, chances are you’ve got a rising number of clients who are feeding their pet dogs and cats raw meat diets – or are certainly seeking advice about it.

Up until recently the subject of raw meat feeding tended to divide the profession very unevenly, with the vast majority of vets adopting a zero tolerance stance to a feeding fad that was sure to go away.

And while raw feeding still attracts strong criticism from within the profession – with some vets firmly against the practice, arguing that it is unsafe and therefore irresponsible – there are others who have come to see raw feeding as a dietary choice. One that they are willing to endorse, promote and, increasingly, sell.


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