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Owners’ perception of acquiring infections thru raw pet food: a comprehensive internet-based survey.

DATE: 2019


CITATION: Anturaniemi J, Barrouin-Melo SM, Zaldivar-López S, Sinkko H, Hielm-Björkman A. Owners' perception of acquiring infections through raw pet food: a comprehensive internet-based survey. Vet Rec. 2019;185(21):658.


There has been concerns related to the risk of bacterial contamination from raw pet food to humans, but research is still scarce. The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to use a worldwide internet survey-based data to evaluate the impact of raw pet foods on human health from the owners’ experience. From 16 475 households, 0.2 per cent (n=39) reported having had a transmission of pathogen from the raw pet food to a human family member during the time that raw feeding had been used in the household. Only in three of those households the same pathogen that was found in the human sample was analysed and confirmed also in the raw pet food (0.02 per cent of all data). Moreover, 0.1 per cent (n=24) reported suspecting that a disease could have been transmitted to a human from the pet food. Feeding salmon and turkey, using more than 50 per cent of the diet as raw foods and preparing the raw food in the same place and utensils as the family foods all had negative association with infections. Having 2 to 6 year-old children living in the household was associated with more infections, although adults were the most frequently infected.


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