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In Support of Bones and Raw Food Diets

Updated: May 8, 2020

DATE: 2003


CITATION: Stogdale L, Diehl G. In support of bones and raw food diets. Can Vet J. 2003 Oct;44(10):783; author reply 783-4.



Drs. Daniel Joffe and Bernard Rollin both replied negatively to the ethical question regarding feeding dogs raw meat diets ( Can Vet J 2003;44:449-450). In our practice, we support owners who feed bones and raw food (BARF) and other raw meat diets. Sometimes we recommend home-prepared diets, which some owners elect to feed raw. We are comfortable and confident in doing this, because we have educated ourselves in canine and feline nutrition. We formulate the diet specifically for each pet's health status, so that the diet is complete, balanced, medically appropriate, and of high quality. In addition, we educate owners as to food preparation, food handling safety, and feeding practices during a 30- to 40-minute consultation with our nutritional consultant. They are given typed instructions for the diet, food handling safety and preparation, and a shopping list. We charge $45 for this service.


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