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Home-prepared diets for dogs and cats

Updated: May 9, 2020

DATE: 2013


CITATION: With, Lisa. Compendium (Yardley, PA) 35(3):E1-3



Promoting health and wellness in dogs and cats is a common goal for veterinarians and pet owners alike. Over the past decade, a number of highly publicized pet food recalls, as well as a growing awareness of the role of diet in health and disease for people, have changed the way some owners approach mealtime for their pets. Many owners, and some veterinarians, now advocate feeding dogs and cats home-prepared foods (raw, cooked, or both) as the sole source of nutrition for pets and cite either perceived health benefits or a general mistrust of the pet food industry as the reason. It is important for veterinary practitioners to understand the risks and benefits of home-prepared diets, as well as the motivation behind a pet owner's decision to follow this type of feeding regimen, to ensure optimal health for their patients.


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