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Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog


AUTHOR: Wendy Volhard

LINK: https://www.turnerpublishing.com/books/detail/holistic-guide-for-a-healthy-dog


A complete revision of a ground-breaking reference. Designed to provide updated information found in the original book, as well as lots of new topics, and a new organization—this second edition is more user-friendly than ever! Readers will get the latest on:

  • Healthful diets for dogs of every age and activity level

  • How to modify your dog's diet to best meet seasonal needs

  • Natural ways to keep your dog healthy throughout all stages of life

  • How to care for a dog in poor health

  • The vaccine controversy—the pros, the cons and how to sort them out * Homeopathic remedies

  • Alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy, chiropractics and use of medicinal herbs


This website is a labor of love brought to you by the volunteers at Paws For Change. Our goal is to put together links to published research studies, articles, books, and other media which have influenced our approach to feeding diets that include fresh and raw foods. We encourage everyone to research further to gain a fuller understanding of any controversies or debates involved. It is a growing collection and we welcome you to use the submission form below if you have studies you'd like to suggest be included here.

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